The Spot Living Room

Paid parking, well connected by public transport & 10 minute walk from Terminal

This meeting room is designed to get your creativity going. The Spot Living Room offers a cozy, inspiring space that is perfect for out-of-the-box brainstorms or small meetings. Our comfy chesterfield sofa and vintage chairs offer space for up to six persons and our fully stocked fridge helps you focus throughout the meeting. Pssssst.... Members of SPOT can book the Living Room for free at

Hosted by

SPOT Schiphol Community

Max. people:6
Size:25 m2
Audiovisual support:No
Power:Power sockets available
Catering options:
  • Meeting Lunch - Mini roll, mini triple decker sandwich, piadina (€ 13,20 pp)
  • Healthy Lunch - Spelt roll, radish and cucumber, bulgur salad, fresh fruit salad. (€ 18,70 pp)
  • Executive Lunch - Soup, bread roll smoked salmon, piadina, sweet treat, milk/orange juice (€ 20,90 pp)
  • The Base Break - Coffee, tea and water (€ 5,50 pp)
  • The Market Break - Coffee, tea, herbal water and dutch cookies (€ 6,60 pp)
  • VIVA Break - Coffee, tea, herbal water, sodas and mini Danish pastries (€ 13,20 pp)
  • Healthy Break - Veggies smoothies, snack veg. * hummus, hand fruit, power granola bar (€ 15,40 pp)
  • Basic Lunch - Artisanol roll woth Gouda Cheese, artisanol roll with meat (€ 9,90 pp)
Other:Paid parking, well connected by public transport & 10 minute walk from Terminal

Location & Travel directions

Evert van de Beekstraat 12 Schiphol

39,- per hour

195,- per day

If you would like to reserve a space for more than one day or you have an urgent request for today, please contact us.

Any questions? Just ask!
Sharon Cotino+31 (0)6 51 13 41